High=quality nutrition for your turtles at the best price,
for their well-being... and for yours!

Feed for small turtles

A simple food designed for the healthy diet of small and medium-sized freshwater turtles.

for medium and large size turtles

A simple food designed for a healthy diet of large freshwater turtles.

Do you also have an aquarium?

To feed your goldfish or your tropical aquarium, you can always rely on the dedicated FRIEND FISH feed line.

Why choose FISH FRIEND


We are well aware that living with an aquarium in the home or managing a pond with ornamental fish is a choice that involves the heart, as well as the passions.

Anyone who loves aquariums loves fish and nature, and that is why we are committed to providing the best nutrition to your fish because we know that in addition to affordability, you always want to give them the best.

"My children love turtles. To keep them happy I always look for healthy, affordable and possibly Italian quality feed. With Turtle Food I have found the perfect balance between all my needs".
Roberta M.

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