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High quality nutrition for your fish at the best price
for their wellness ... and yours!


The goldfish is an herbivorous animal that is always hungry, but should be fed no more than three times a day with a complete and balanced food.


The tropical aquarium is a freshwater aquarium that houses fish and plants of rivers, lakes or swamps of different parts of the world. 


Tropical Food is a complete food in flakes for all aquarium tropical fishes, among which the most widespread species are:

– Scalare (called angel fish or scientifically defined Pterophyllum scalare)

– Discus (Symphysodon discus and Symphysodon aequifasciatus)

– Cichlids (Cichlidae)

– Neon and Tetra

Do you have a pond?

If you have a pond with koi or ornamental fishes suc as goldfish and koi, find out how to feed them properly and how to manage your pond efficiently. 

Why choosing FISH FRIEND


We are well aware that living with an aquarium at home or managing a pond with ornamental fishes is a choice that involves heart, as well as passion.


Those who love aquariums love fishes and nature, this is why we engage ourselves to supply the best nutrition to your fishes, because we know that further to convenience, you want to provide them always the best.

"I was looking for a feed that would guarantee me an excellent quality at a reasonable price and found the brand FISH friend a valuable product".
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