Fine synthetic fibre
for the aquarium filter

3) Thin mechanical
and biological filtration.

Thin synthetic fibre for the mechanical and biological pre-filtration in fresh and marine water aquariums.


This synthetic fibre has the dual function of mechanic filter as it retains the coarser impurities carried by water and of biologic filtering because it offers an additional place for the settlement of good bacteria.



It maintains unaltered its softness and capacity to retain dirt even after a prolonged use.

Can be used both for fresh and marine water aquariums up to 150 liters  capacity.



Suitable for all kind of filters.

Place  FILTERWOOL on biological filter or on the external filter after the coarse sponge and before the filtering cylinders CYLINDER FILTER.

Replace 50% of the material every 3 months.


Be careful not to handle or wash the remaining part, so that the bacterial fauna that has developed can transfer and reproduce in the new added material.

less impurities

by retaining vegetal particles and feed residues

less residues

by retaining fish escrements and decreasing the risk of algae

healthier water

thanks to the biological filtrations added to the cylinders one

La filtrazione in acquario

All’interno del filtro del vostro acquario 

avvengono importantissimi processi di filtrazione meccanica e biologica dell’acqua. 


Affinché avvengano in modo efficiente e l’acqua esca purificata e cristallina è fondamentale inserire i materiali consigliati nel corretto ordine.

E’ l’apparecchio in grado di regolare la temperatura del vostro acquario.

Per un primo filtraggio meccanico

Fibra sintetica fine per un secondo filtraggio meccanico e biologico.

L’ambiente dove si installano i batteri buoni responsabili della filtrazione biologica dell’acqua.

Il carbone filtrante in grado di adsorbire le sostante inquinanti

"The filtration for a clear and healthy water is a team work: sponge, synthetic fiber, cylinders and carbon!”.


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