Test the water parameters of your aquarium.

Regularly test the aquarium water is a key factor in maintaining a healthy environment for fish.

Knowledge allows you to correct and improve.

Is it really necessary to test the water parameters of an aquarium?


Yes, it’s really important!


If you are starting a new aquarium, you will be able to avoid the death of your fish.


In an already started aquairum, you can test the water to be sure tha your fish live in a correct enviroment. 

pH test
measures the pH of water

PH is a key parameter for all aquaria and should be tested regularly and the values ​​recorded in a register.


The sudden changes in pH are often the invisible cause of diseases and fish death.


The gradual changes in pH are less severe in the short term, but in the end may be just as dangerous to the health of the fish. 

GH testing
measures the total hardness

The GH test measures the levels of magnesium and calcium dissolved in water , which is what we refer to when using the terms hard water or fresh water. 


GH has a direct impact on pH stability and on fish species that it is advisable to insert into your aquarium. For example, tetra live better in softer waters, while most cichlids in hard water. 


The total hardness is particularly important for those who breed fish.

NO2 test

Measure the concentration of nitrites

Measure the nitrite concentration is essential during the start of a new aquarium but it is also important to a periodic review to identify problems before they become serious. 


Once the aquarium is well established, it may be advisable to test for NO2 every month and in any case whenever a fish is sick or dies.


Is advisable to test for NO2 every month and in any case whenever a fish is sick or dies.

Why choosing FISH FRIEND



We are well aware that living with an aquarium at home or managing a pond with ornamental fishes is a choice that involves heart, as well as passion.


Those who love aquariums love fishes and nature, this is why we engage ourselves to supply the best nutrition to your fishes, because we know that further to convenience, you want to provide them always the best.

"I understood the importance of measuring the water parameters right from the start, having died of the fishes. Since then the text regularly with precise drops FISH FRIEND tests, to have precise values of the main parameters".

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