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Pond with koi and goldfish

To grow your pond koi and goldfish healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to feed them a balanced and complete food, enriched with vitamins.


Vitamins are essential for a healthy metabolism.  Vitamin deficiencies can lead to reduced growth, diseases, deformations and even death.

Pond with koi

Carpe Koi are animals with a lot of appetite and are very voracious. In general, it is preferable to feed them less and often, taking into consideration the seasonal trend, given that in countries with harsh winter they virtually go into hibernation.


A table indicating the feeding frequency according to the water temperature it is useful for orientation.

Have you also an aquarium?

To feed your goldfish or your tropical aquarium you can always rely on the dedicated FISH friend feed line.

Why choosing FISH friend


We are well aware that living with an aquarium at home or managing a pond with ornamental fishes is a choice that involves heart, as well as passion.


Those who love aquariums love fishes and nature, this is why we engage ourselves to supply the best nutrition to your fishes, because we know that further to convenience, you want to provide them

always the best.

"On filtering material you cannot renounce at the quality. For this reason
I choose FISHFRIEND, because I have quality at the right price!”.
Giorgia Z.

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