All useful tips for a perfect aquarium!

Do you want to create 

your own aquatic world?

It is easier than you think! Follow our tips step by step and enjoy your slice of nature in your home.


1. Choose the kind of aquarium
and where to place it.

If you are a beginner, we recommend to start with a fresh water aquarium rather than a more demanding marine aquarium, which requires more care, experience and

greater investments.

2. Set up the aquarium

Plan the setting you want to create on the base of the dimension of your aquarium as this will affect the type and quantity of plants and fishes and the kind of bottom and furniture.


Get the materials and start!


3. Choose your fish

The choice of fishes is linked to the previous point and to your personal tastes in theme of species, colours and shapes.


The key factors to keep in mind are the compatibility between fishes and the crowding of the aquarium.


Start out with fish with similar feeding and water-temperature requirements, and easy to maintain.


Talk to sales staff at a Pet Store to seehow larte specific species of fish will grow when they will be adult.

4. Feed your friends

Feeding your fish is one of the most rewarding activities.   It is import to provide a varied and balanced diet, suitable for the specific species you entered in the aquarium.


5. Take care of your aquarium

Once the tank has started, it will take really little time and a limited expense for its maintenance. Nevertheless it is important to following some basic rules, including a regular partial water change and the check of its conditions through the appropriate tests.


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A correct nutrition is the base of the wellness of your fish. 

Ask us a tip for a specific diet for the species entered in your aquarium.