Useful advices
for a perfect pond!

Having a wonderful pond on your garden is a possible dream. 


We explain you how to create it, how to manage it and how to solve problems such as algae or incorrect water values.

1. Design your pond

Carpe koi can also reach one meter in length. For their well-being, they should live in large ponds with a good change of water, providing about 900 Lts of water for each adult fish.

2. Create your pond

To create it you will need a waterproof sheet, a filter able to manage the pond volume and a pump or waterfall, which oxygenates water.


3. Choose your fish

The choice of number and type of fish is linked to the dimensions and total volume of pond, to the depuration-filtration and water replacement system, to the esthetical preferences and to the available budget.


They range from cheap goldfish (Carassius auratus) to the most demanding carpe koi that starts from a few hundred euros up to several thousand per specimen.

4. Feed your friends

Depending on whether you have a pond with koi or goldfish and koi you have to know the right diet for your fishes, because each species has its nutritional needs.

5. Care your pond

The care of your pond provides for periodic checks of water conditions, the use of products for the correction of incorrect parameters, for the removal of any algae and the replacement of used materials.


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