Filtering materials for the aquarium filter.

A little clear and unhealthy water comes in,
comes out crystal water, ideal to aquatic life!

Purity is a path.

The filter is the aquarium lung, necessary component to remove organic waste and substances harmful for fishes.


It is composed of a series of materials that must be put in a pre fixed order. The coming in water must meet in the following order:


1) Thermometer / heater, which regulates the temperature;


2) Sponge, which make a first filtration;


3) Synthetic fibre FILTERWOOL for a second finer mechanic filtration;


4) Filtering cylinders CYLINDER FILTER, ideal place for the colonization of the “good bacteria” of aquarium;


5) Natural coal CARBON FILTER for the removal of polluting substances;


6) Water pump.

synthetic filtering fibre

Fibre for the fine biological and mechanical filtration of fresh and marine water aquariums, long lasting and soft.

4. Cylinder Filter
filtering cylinders

These fundamental cylinders, in addition to performing the fundamental function of water mechanic filtration, thanks to their porous surfaces make like home for the good bacteria that nestle in to perform their biological filtration.

5. Carbon Filter
Filtering carbon

Carbon able to remove polluting substances present on tap water harmful for your fishes to make your aquarium water clear and healthy.

Why choosing FISH FRIEND


We are well aware that living with an aquarium at home or managing a pond with ornamental fishes is a choice that involves heart, as well as passion.


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Elisa D.

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