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Perfect Aquarium in 5 steps

1. Choose the type of aquarium
and where to place it

If you are a neocyte it is advisable to start from a freshwater aquarium rather than a more challenging sea aquarium, which requires more care, experience and greater investment.

How to choose the aquarium

2. Set up the aquarium

Plan the setting you want to make based on the size of your aquarium as this

It will affect the type and number of plants and fishes and the types of base and furnishings. Get the materials and start!

What it takes to set it up


3. Enter the fish

The choice of fish is linked to the previous point and your personal tastes in the theme of species, colors and shapes.

The fundamental factors to be taken into account are the compatibility between fish and the crowding of the aquarium. 

Which fish to choose

4. Feed your Friends

Feeding your fish is one of the most rewarding activities.


It is important to provide a varied and balanced diet, corresponding to the specific needs of the species chosen.

Feeding the Goldfish

Feeding Tropical Fish


5. Care your Aquarium

Once the tub is started it will serve very little time and a limited expense for its maintenance.


It is important, however, to follow some basic rules, including a regular partial water change and the verification of its conditions through the specific tests.

Care products and solutions to problems


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Proper nutrition is the basis of the well-being of your little fish.

Learn the secrets of a varied and specific diet for species placed in your aquarium.